Warehouse Security Systems

You have multiple doors. Multiple access points. Multiple high risk areas spanning a massive warehouse area.

To stop thieves and protect your stock, you need to be sure that all of these areas are protected by a robust intruder alarm system. You want a commercial grade intruder alarm system that offers excellent coverage – with no blind spots – no false alarms.

At ProtecSYS we’ll custom-design a security system to suit your specific site requirements. It might be a monitored intruder alarm system, video camera surveillance, access control systems, security guard patrols, intercom system or a combination of all of them.

Better still, you can rest easy knowing that the equipment will work efficiently with no false alarms. In fact, we guarantee it with our triple protection guarantee.

  • 365 days (on site) guarantee for parts and labour.
  • No call-out fee (for security guards) on false alarms by equipment in year 1.
  • 100% money back guarantee on your whole security system for an entire year.

10 types of detection equipment to consider for your warehouse

There are a variety of different detection devices you can use to protect your people and your stock. They include:

1. Internal / external point to point photo-electric beams

2. Long range motion detectors ideal for large warehouse spaces

3. Reed switches on roller doors which trigger when the door is opened

4. Glass break detectors for warehouses with external window access

5. Duress panic buttons

6. Flood/moisture detectors to warn you of flash flooding

7. Fridge and freezer temperature sensors

8. IT room temperature sensors

9. UPS monitoring to alert you when your UPS power supply has failed.

10. Toxic gas sensors to protect your people


Which intrusion detection devices are right for you?


The right combination for your warehouse depends on:

  • size of the warehouse
  • building construction
  • types of goods you’re storing
  • your budget

At ProtecSYS we ask you a series of questions which identify the right type of intruder alarm detection systems based on your specific needs. Whether you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or any other capital city we can help you with that.

Complimentary Security Needs Analysis

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