Update Alarm User List

Complete this form to update your Alarm User List.
    1. User Number: there is 1 User Number per User. Also, this User Number is linked to only 1 PIN Number. When your Intruder Alarm System reports to the Security Monitoring Centre that it has been armed or disarmed it transmits only the User Number. It is vitally important that the User Number is correctly matched to the User Name, 4 Digit PIN and Password.
    2. User Name: Full spelling of First Name and Surname is required.
    3. 4 Digit PIN: Can be any 4 digits. The 4 digit PIN arms and disarms your security system.
    4. Password: Can be any one word. This password is used when communicating with our security monitoring centre and identifies who you are.
    5. Master Code: These PIN numbers have the authority to add, delete and modify PIN numbers.
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    User NumberUser Name4 Digit PinPasswordMaster Code? (yes or no) 
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