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Research published by the Australian Institute of Criminology reveals that only around 4.2% of households are burgled each year, compared with 27.4% of businesses.

Almost 60% of business premises victimised by burglary were burgled more than once during the year.

Please don’t let this happen to you.

With the ‘right’ Closed Circuit Camera Surveillance system coupled with a monitored intruder alarm system, there’s no need for this to happen in your business.

On this page you’ll discover what you need to know about selecting the right system for your needs.








Commercial Buildings

 7 ways a ProtecSYS CCTV System safeguards your property and people



1. Deters theft by intruders and dishonest employees


2. Records intrusions by burglars and vandals


3. Alarm Verification (which ensures alarm is genuine)


4. Enhances Occupational Health and Safety.


5. Maximises productivity: Monitor production lines and other business operations


6. Minimises fraudulent public liability claims


7. View your business premises while you are away

6 factors to consider to maximise your CCTV performance


Thieves are intelligent. Many can detect which cameras are dummies. Many too, know how to get around an improperly installed CCTV system without being detected.

You want to be sure that the video surveillance system you install does the job you want it to do efficiently … guaranteed.

There are 6 factors that ensure you receive reliable coverage. At ProtecSYS we ensure you have all of these and more.


1. The right combination of equipment

… ensures effectiveness and reliability.


2. Camera placement

… everything from height of the camera to the field of view  is important.

3. Hard-wired or wireless

Most Camera Surveillance Systems are ‘hard wired’. Cable is used to link the cameras to the digital video recorder (DVR) or the network video recorder (NVR) .  If cabling is a problem we can supply and install Wireless Security Cameras.

4. Set-up and testing by an expert

Many systems fail due to improper or DIY set up.

Setting it up correctly ensures it works when and where you want it to. It also gives you the reporting that you want, and the know-how to operate it. All ProtecSYS technicians are fully licenced to the highest security industry standards.

5. Training and support

You want to be able to use the system properly so our ProtecSYS team will give you all the training and support you need to be able to do that.

6. Internal or external threats

We use CCTV Surveillance Cameras for both internal and external security threats (including employees and intruders).


 Armed hold-up foiled.

Recently, we had an armed hold up at our supermarket and we had a good opportunity to test how well the Intruder Alarm and Camera Surveillance Systems functioned.

Activating the duress button ensured that the police attended. And, the clarity of the footage from the Camera Surveillance System resulted in the police arresting the offender around 1 hour later. I would happily recommend ProtecSYS to anyone in need of your excellent Security Systems and Security Monitoring.

John Wightman

Owner, Pottsville IGA

Your ProtecSYS Triple Protection Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

… on your whole system for a year.

No False Alarms Guarantee

365 days (on site) Guarantee

…  for parts and labour.

Meet our Clients

Here are just some of the clients we have installed CCTV systems for.
  • QFFS
  • Brisbane Lions
  • MiniMovers
  • Pottsville IGA
  • Building Services Authority
  • ARB
  • Ballymore Towers

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