Security Guard Protection

If yours is like most companies you want  to be sure that the Security Guards you choose do the following 3 things:

  1. Enforce company rules
  2. Protect the lives of your people
  3. Protect your property.

ProtecSYS Security Guards do this and more. And if you need it, they are also trained to:

  • Operate emergency equipment
  • Perform first aid and CPR
  • Take accurate notes and write detailed reports to provide to Police
  • Perform other tasks required by the clients they are servicing.

At ProtecSYS we offer Guard Patrols, Static Guards, Guard Escorts and Guard Response to Alarms in all major areas of Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth. Contact us to find out more.


5 Reasons to Use ProtecSYS Security Guards


We have stringent standards in place to ensure that the quality of the equipment we provide, the people we hire — and the service we offer is unsurpassed. Here are five of the measures we take to maximise your security guard protection.


1. Excellence

ProtecSYS has a Class 1 Security Firm Licence (Security Guards) which is mandatory.



2. Reputable Personnel

All Security Guards who work for ProtecSYS have individual Security Licences and each security guard passes stringent checks.



3. 'No False Alarm' GUARANTEE on Alarm Activations:

No charge for guard calls outs if they are caused by faulty security system equipment within the twelve-month guarantee period.



4. Peace of mind

ProtecSYS is a corporate member of the Security Industry’s highest body, The Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL)



5. 365 day availability … guaranteed

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or any other day of the year, we guarantee security presence.

Outstanding Service


ProtecSYS really knows security including being right up on the latest developments.

Around that they run an honest, reliable business with outstanding service and workmanship standards.


Mike O'Hagan

CEO, Mini Movers Pty Ltd

4 Types of Security Guard Services to Choose From

If you have staff who finish work late at night, we can offer you a lockup patrol service where guards ensure that the premises is locked up securely. They then escort your people to their vehicles.

Ideal for:

  • Companies that have shift-work
  • Medical Centres
  • Pharmacies
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers

Guard patrols or a security patrol service help you protect your property from theft and protect the lives of your people. They act as a visual deterrent for intruders, vandals or burglars.

Ideal for:

  • Commercial properties that are left vacant after business hours
  • High rise units where security of tenants and their property are at risk
  • Private property not open to the public – like luxury residential compounds, housing estates under construction

As an extra method of telling intruders to stay away, your property will feature visible ProtecSYS security signs.

If your security alarm ever gets activated (let’s hope it doesn’t), you want a rapid response to alarm activations.

At ProtecSYS you receive that, we guarantee it.

On arrival, patrol officers will conduct a full external check of premises to ensure the site is secure. Internal checks can also be conducted if keys and alarm PIN’s are held.

If a security breach is detected, the patrol officer will advise the security monitoring centre and remain on site until the breach is secured or cleared to leave by an authorised contact.

Need virtually bullet-proof levels of security protection?

Static Guarding may be the answer. You’ll have your own uniformed security guard who stays at your premises for a set amount of time.

Unlike a mobile patrol service where security guards come and go during the night, these guards stay at your premises.

Some clients have security guards 24/7. Others for a shift of 4 hours.  The right solution for you depends on your ‘risk level’ and your budget. At ProtecSYS we can tailor a package that suits both.

Ideal for:

  • Shopping centres
  • Gate keeping
  • Construction sites

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