Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Actually Happens When My Alarm System Sends An Alarm To The Security Monitoring Centre?

The 24 Hour Security Monitoring Centre receives the signals from your alarm system. They are able to identify which zones are in alarm and take the appropriate actions. They will act in accordance with your pre-determined instructions.

2. If I Accidently Trigger My Alarm System, What Should I Do?
  • De-activate your alarm system by entering your PIN into the codepad.
  • Telephone the Security Monitoring Centre on 1300 788 132 (option 1) and advise them that you have accidentally triggered your alarm system.
  • Quote your password so that the Security Monitoring Centre can verify your identity.
3. I Accidently Triggered My Alarm System But I Quickly Entered My Pin And The Alarm Shut Off. I Expected A Call From The Monitoring Centre But No One Called. Why Not?

The security monitoring centre received a disarm signal from a valid PIN not long after the alarm was triggered. Alarms on entry are numerous and most clients don’t want to be called after they have disarmed their alarm system. The Security Monitoring Centre doesn’t action alarms on entry unless specifically requested by our clients.

4. What Should I Do If My System Develops A Fault?

The products that ProtecSYS install are reliable and have a high immunity to false activations and faults. Here are some simple checks you can make to identify any potential causes (or solutions) before calling us.

  • Mains Power Ok? Test that other appliances have power. Check and note any unusual display or indicator lights on your system’s codepad.
  • Telephone Line OK? Check your telephone(s) to ensure you have a normal dial tone. Check that other devices, such as facsimile machines, EFTPOS, are operating normally.
  • All protected doors closed? If you are attempting to arm your system and have reed switches fitted to doors, check that those doors are properly closed.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your system, please call us on 1300 788 132. Our service personnel are available 24 hours a day to attend your premises if required.

5. Is There Anything I Need To Do Before I Go On Holiday?

Yes. Please review the list of people (and telephone numbers) we should call in response to alarms and events. Please make sure these contact details and the response procedure are still relevant and advise us of any changes in writing.

The information we hold for your account is vital to providing a rapid and appropriate response to alarms and events. Please review these important details periodically. If you are unsure or have any questions about your current account details – please call us on 1300 788 132, Option 2. We will be pleased to review your instructions and provide advice.

6. What Happens If My Alarm Panel Phone Line Is Cut?

Standard intruder alarm systems (digital diallers) can’t report alarms to the security monitoring centre if their phone line fails or is deliberately cut. In those 2 instances the Security Monitoring Centre would not receive any signals from your intruder alarm system. This means that a burglary could not be reported to the Security Monitoring Centre.

ProtecSYS offers wireless back up options for higher security monitoring. Using Dual or Triple Path technology the signals from your intruder alarm system can also be reported by either GSM, GPRS (or both) to the Security Monitoring Station.

Contact us on 1300 788 132 (option 2) if you wish to implement a higher level of security

7. If The Mains Power Fails, Will My Alarm System Still Work?

Yes. When mains power fails the intruder alarm system automatically switches to an inbuilt back-up battery and a mains power failure signal is sent to the security monitoring centre.

The back up battery generally provides power for several hours. When the back up battery is low, a low battery signal will be sent to the security monitoring centre so that action can be taken prior to the system losing all power.

8. If My Alarm Is Triggered, How Long Will It Take Before The Security Guard Gets Here?

Security Guards are dispatched upon receiving an alarm signal, (if that is part of your response plan). Arrival times vary according to your location, weather and traffic conditions