Traditional CCTV systems have one major Achilles heel – they can’t give 360 degree coverage. The award-winning, ImmerVision 360 Degree Panamorph lens has solved that problem … affordably.

It can cover an entire area with 360 degree area without distortion. No more blind spots. And without the expense of traditional panoramic systems.

Normally, panoramic systems featuring fish eye or mirror lenses mean special cameras and complex support equipment. Not with the ImmerVision 360 Panamorph lens. In most cases, you can mount it on an existing standard analog and IP video surveillance system (indoors or outdoors).

It’s being used in major airports, prisons, shopping centres, military institutions, universities, hospitals, transportation companies and more. It’s fantastic for small crowds and large, open area spaces.

To find how to fit Immervision 360 Panamorph lens to your CCTV system simply reach out to us for a complimentary security needs analysis.