If security is a concern at your business premises, then you should consider installing closed circuit television security cameras, or CCTV as it is more commonly known. Used correctly, CCTV can help protect your property, employees and customers, whilst also monitoring activity throughout the day and night. It is also a great deterrent to criminals and images taken from video footage have been used to identify intruders on many occasions.

CCTV is also very effective in reducing staff theft. In recent years it is thought that most businesses lose around 10 per cent of their profits to dishonest employees. However, if your staff know their movements are being monitored by CCTV then they are less likely to steal from you.

Camera security can also be used by companies to identify possible potential health and safety issues and monitor production lines, making sure your staff are working as effectively as they can be. Another benefit to installing CCTV is the cameras can be set up so you can view them remotely from your Computer, Laptop, iPad or Mobile Phone from anywhere in the world.

Installing CCTV camera security is not always easy, there are many different elements that should be taken into account. In order for the cameras to be fully effective you need to install them in the correct locations, at correct heights and have the field of view correctly calibrated.  In addition to this, programming of the DVR or NVR needs to be done correctly so that the your system provides you with the optimal storage time and clarity . ProtecSYS are professionals in installing and maintaining CCTV Systems and have a proven track record.

ProtecSYS understand the importance of CCTV and how, when used correctly, it can be extremely effective. Cutting edge technology ensures that every minute of every day can be captured and recorded on a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR). The surveillance footage can be indexed, searched and backed up. The cameras can also monitor whoever enters or leaves your premises and have also been shown to help reduce staff problems with harassment and discrimination within businesses.

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