If you have Security Guard escorts or patrols on hand for short periods of time – to safeguard employees or valuables, to patrol your premises, or control access to your building, you’ll know how expensive that can be for relatively small but granted important functions.

If you don’t have security guard escorts there are probably times you wish you had them – so you can protect your staff walking to their vehicles at night 0r be a second pair of eyes and added level of security at other times.

Now you can have the protection of physical escorts without the expense thanks to Remote Guard Virtual Escorts. Through the use of multiple cameras and intercom systems linked to a control centre, you have someone there looking out for you and your people, whenever you need it.

Remote Guard Virtual Escorts can be used to:

  • Manage after hours deliveries
  • Ensure safe pick up and delivery of precious items
  • Escort staff to vehicles
  • Open gates
  • Provide added security to physical guard escorts; and more

Here’s how it works …

Through the use of strategically placed cameras and on-site push button activation, staff or delivery people can communicate with the Remote Guard Control Centre. Guards at the control centre visually check the route for suspicious activity using the camera system, communicate with the employee to ensure that the area is safe, then watch them as they walk to their vehicles. They can also activate alarms and open and shut gates.

To find out more about how Remote Guard Virtual Escorts can increase your protection levels affordably, just contact us for a quote.