If you’re frustrated with response times from police or security guards when an alarm is activated you’re going to love this. Electronic security systems manufacturer, Verified, ushers in a new breed of alarm systems that consistently stops burglaries while they are in progress before they can steal your property.

It combines the visual detection of a CCTV with the intruder detection and verification properties of a monitored intruder alarm. The result … faster response times by guards and police.

The wireless, video alarm is activated by motion. It transmits a ten second video clip to a security monitoring centre which contacts the you to make sure it isn’t one of your people. From there, we call the police.

Verified is so fast and effective at detecting intrusions, the system has been responsible for over 1746 arrests in Australia alone. Better still, there are no AC power requirements. It operates for months on one set of batteries. It’s portable, affordable and operates over the cellular network so it works even if power is down or phone lines have been cut.

To find out more about how Verified can give you that extra protection just call ProtecSYS on 1300 788 132 (select option 2) or contact us for a quote.