This is the perfect solution for cluttered areas. Walls, stock, and equipment can create blind spots for CCTV systems and motion detectors. Not any more. Xandem is a motion detector that can detect movement right through walls and most obstructions.

Three main potential problems with traditional motion detectors are:

  • False alarms which are caused by fluctuations in environmental conditions such as temperature and dust
  • Intruders can employ a range of blocking techniques which prevent detection
  • Blindspots caused by clutter, stock, equipment, and storage boxes

Xandem prevents these issues from occurring. It creates a wireless mesh across the entire detection area. Better still, Xandem doesn’t need to have a direct view of individuals who are moving inside your premises.

Xandem is excellent for retail outlets, factories, warehouses and offices that require a large detection area. It’s compatible with any type of security alarm panel.

Some other great benefits that we discovered about Xandem is that it can be installed behind walls so it can be hidden from view. It also has a large coverage area up to 5,000 sq ft. Plus, it isn’t affected by temperature changes, dust, dirt or insects.

If you have a large area that needs coverage and your premises is cluttered with shelving, stock, equipment that can create blind spots, a Xandem motion detector could be just what you need. Just call our office on 1300 788 132 (select option 2)  and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or request a quote.