wirelessIf you now have NBN or if you’re getting it soon, your security monitoring may have stopped working. Many security systems operate through an analogue phone line which communicates with your security monitoring centre.

Under NBN, standard phone lines don’t work, so if you get burgled, nobody will be notified. Apart from that, analogue phone lines can be cut by clever thieves. Again, your security monitoring fails. The answer?

A 3G Communicator offers you a higher level of security because it communicates wirelessly. Better still, no phone line is required, there are no phone call costs, AND no phone line rental so you end up saving on recurring costs in the medium term.

You can choose from:

  •  Standard 3G Wireless Security Monitoring – Single SIM, (Telstra only)
  • High Security 3G Wireless Security Monitoring –  Dual SIM, (Telstra & Optus) (recommended)

If you have questions around whether or not your system operates wirelessly or through analogue phone lines, simply contact our office.