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If you are a small to medium business owner looking for a surveillance camera system, Brisbane provider ProtecSYS is the best place to start. The surveillance systems they offer provide many important functions, such as the recording of burglar and vandal intrusions, alarm verification, monitoring production lines or similar business operations, and preventing loss by defending the business against theft and dishonest employees. They also minimise fraudulent liability claims and allow you the ability to monitor your business even when you aren’t there.

In addition to surveillance systems, ProtecSYS also offers a range of security products and services, including burglar alarm systems. These are monitored alarm systems that utilise a number of different detection devices, such as panic buttons, glass break sensors, reed switches, and movement sensors – thus ensuring that should one device fail, another will still trigger an alarm. ProtecSYS also offers Access Control Systems and Intercom Systems for a complete SME security strategy.

ProtecSYS surveillance camera systems in Brisbane SMEs offer the highest quality security available for these businesses. The video is recorded via a digital video recorded (DVR) and can be indexed, searched, and backed up on another device such as a computer or thumb drive. Business owners who want to protect their business locations as well as their employees and anyone else present can feel good about hiring ProtecSYS to fulfill their security needs. ProtecSYS has been in operation since 1998 and focuses primarily on SMEs, meaning that they understand your needs and will work with you to help you meet you individual security challenges.

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