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Proper Security System Installation Can Keep Businesses Safe

Security system installation is paramount to ensuring the safety and security of a business’s employees and property. ProtecSYS has over 14 years of experience in designing and installing a variety of security measures for businesses in Queensland and all of Australia. They provide a variety of products and services from burglar alarms and security cameras to access control and intercom systems. The ProtecSYS seven-point security check can assess the risks of a business. Using that information, ProtecSYS can install a system that will offer the best protection against potential burglars and vandals.

The perfect first step to a quality security system installation is a burglar alarm system. There are several different types including movement sensor alarms and glass break sensor alarms. When an intruder triggers the alarm, the loud sirens and intense lights help to warn off the would-be criminal. ProtecSYS can add to a business’s security by installing access control systems that will only allow authorized personnel access to a building. Intercom systems can be used for the same purpose. ProtecSYS can also install security cameras that can be monitored when the business owner is away from the property. Cameras inside a facility help to prevent employee theft and help to boost worker productivity.

Not only does ProtecSYS offer tremendous products and valuable services, but they also back them up with a 3-way money back guarantee. All on site parts and labour are guaranteed for 12 months. A faulty security system that results in a guard callout is covered for the first 12 months. The customer incurs no charges and if a system fails to operate as promised, ProtecSYS will refund a customer’s money in full.

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