Intercom Systems

If you want to restrict access to your building to approved visitors only, it makes sense to integrate an intercom system into your access entry points.

Whether you have a commercial or industrial building or office or high rise apartments, you want to be sure that your intercom system offers the right level of access control. You also want to be sure that the equipment works when you need it to.

All ProtecSYS intercom systems are state-of-the-art and operate efficiently. In fact, we’re so confident that they will operate efficiently we offer you two peace of mind guarantees:

  • 365 days (on site) guarantee for parts and labour

  • 100% money back guarantee on your whole security system for an entire year

7 points to consider when choosing your Intercom System


1. Audio intercom or Video intercom?


2. Handset or hands free internal intercom stations?


3. How many internal intercom stations do you need?


4. How many external / door intercom stations do you need?


5. Do you want the intercom system to release / open doors?


6. Do you want the intercom system to integrate into your existing telephone system?


7. Intercom call logging/reporting so you can monitor who called you, (when reception is unattended or while your building is unoccupied).

Complimentary Security Needs Analysis

We’ll identify the right system for your premises, your threat levels, and your budget. Just click the link below or call us on 1300 788 132. We service Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and all parts of Australia.

Video or Audio?

Audio systems are more affordable. But – video systems enable you to see who you are speaking with which provides you with a higher level of security.

When you hear someone’s voice only it can be difficult determining suspicious activity. But when you see them on video you can see their facial expressions to sense whether they are under duress. You can also see what else is happening in the background behind the person.