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Keep Your Company Safe With Security Alarm Services From ProtecSYS

Your business is very important to you as is the need to keep it safe and secure. With the rise in the need for security these days, it makes sense to protect your property with security alarm services from ProtecSYS. An alarm system is a great start to warding off intruders and burglars that can do great harm to your business property. ProtecSYS has been providing top quality security systems and services to businesses throughout Australia for over 14 years. The company has gained a reputation for excellence in the field and backs up all of its products with a unique 3-way guarantee.

Security alarm systems are designed to detect an intruder on your business property. When the system detects a would-be burglar or vandal, an alarm is triggered and that alarm is communicated to a security monitoring centre to provide the appropriate response. These types of alarms are a great deterrent to intruders because the lights and sirens ward off potential burglars before they can engage in any criminal activity. These systems can be enhanced with other layers of security such camera surveillance systems. Cameras can also help to deter potential crime. When burglars see a security camera, they tend to continue looking to find an easier target.

Once installed, a security system from ProtecSYS comes backed by the 3-way guarantee. For 12 months, all parts and labour on site are guaranteed. Any guard callout that happens as a result of a faulty security system is covered and there is no charge. If a system fails to operate as promised, ProtecSYS will remove it and refund the customer’s money.

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