Office Alarm Systems Help Protect Businesses

Businesses looking to protect their property and expensive equipment need to look into having office alarm systems installed. ProtecSYS, an Australian security provider, has been helping to protect businesses in Queensland and the entire nation for over 14 years. The company has built a solid reputation as a leader in the industry and backs its products with a unique 3-way guarantee. Customers and potential customers can have peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals are handling their security, and that their security system is completely guaranteed.

ProtectSYS guarantees all of its products including office alarm systems. For any parts that fail and need replaced during the first 12 months, the parts and the labour are free. If your business has a faulty system and that system calls for a security guard to come out to the premises, there is no charge during those first 12 months. The third part of the guarantee ensures that if a security system fails to operate as it was promised, ProtecSYS will remove it and refund a customer’s money in full. ProtecSYS believes in its products and services so much that it is willing to offer such a guarantee.

ProtecSYS performs a seven-point security risk assessment for its customers that analyses the ways in which a business needs its security increased. The results of the risk assessment help the professionals at ProtecSYS to design a security plan that will protect the business’s property. ProtecSYS can also increase security inside of a facility to help prevent employee theft and increase worker productivity.

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  • Phone Number: 1300 788 132. There are 4 options as follows:
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    ProtecSYS National Office:
    Street & Mailing Address:
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    Banyo QLD 4014

    ABN: 52 082 943 637

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