The past few decades have seen technology burst forth in leaps and bounds. From mobile phones and the internet to push button vehicle ignition and improved security systems, technology has come a long way, improving our day to day lives. Security systems are one particular area where technology has improved the efficiency and reliability of the product.

Some of the new security technology now available includes things such as touchscreen keypads, wireless alarms and remote viewing of cameras via iPhones. Just like the mobile devices you use, security systems are now beginning to use a touchscreen function to control the unit. You can also now use things such as mobile phone applications or even your phone’s calling function to access your security system from a different location. CCTV cameras are also much more advanced and affordable, with business security cameras cheaper than ever, without sacrificing image quality.

Security systems have now also advanced to a stage where they include other functions apart from security. For example, a security system may also be able to tell you when the garage has been left open at night, control energy use like the air conditioner and even integrate a doorbell into the system.

All of these advances have made securing your business easier than ever before. In the future, basic security systems will include fingerprint logins and more advanced models will use iris scanning technology.

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