Faulty security systems can be an opportunity for burglars to break-in and steal expensive office equipment, stock and important files and records. Before it happens to you, regular preventative measures and maintenance of business security alarms should be conducted to ensure your valuables and people are well protected.

Regular service and maintenance of your security alarm system is essential to ensure that it is capable of detecting unwanted entry to your premises. Poorly maintained equipment can cause false alarms which are annoying and costly. More significant consequences can arise from lack of maintenance if your security system fails to detect unwanted intrusions.

Preventative Maintenance ensures the following,

  •     Saves money over the life of your security systems
  •     Minimises the risk that your Insurance Cover might be compromised
  •     Minimises the risk that your Quality Accreditation might be compromised
  •     Minimises the risk to your Business Continuity

We provide Preventative Maintenance, Service Calls and Upgrades for all our Electronic Security Systems to ensure maximum reliability. As a minimum all systems should have an on-site Preventative Maintenance visit at least once a year. Twice a year is even better.

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