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ProtecSYS Supplies Camera Surveillance Systems to Brisbane SMEs

Many SME owners who want to ensure safety of their employees and premises turn to camera surveillance systems. Brisbane security provider ProtecSYS offers CCTV systems to these businesses in order to help them eliminate threats from both inside and outside of the business. Operating since June of 1998, ProtecSYS focuses on small and medium sized businesses and have become highly knowledgeable regarding the needs of these businesses. They also offer a wide range of security products and services to address the unique needs of individual enterprises.

Camera surveillance systems, for Brisbane SMEs, mean that burglar and vandal activity will be caught and recorded. They are also used to monitor production lines and other business operations to minimise loss of both material goods and time. Business owners enjoy being able to view the business premises even when they are away, and surveillance systems also enhance occupational health and safety overall.

Business owners who choose ProtecSYS can do so with complete peace of mind, because ProtecSYS offers a unique 3-Way Money Back Guarantee. For an entire year, parts and labour are guaranteed, calls out caused by faulty equipment are not charged to the client, and the entire system is refundable should it fail to operate as promised. That’s how confident ProtecSYS is in the reliability and safety of their security products and monitoring services. Besides surveillance systems, they also offer a range of security options such as burglar alarm systems and security guards. Contact them today to find out how to begin protecting your business and the people therein.

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    ProtecSYS National Office:
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    ABN: 52 082 943 637

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