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Finding Burglar Alarm Systems in Brisbane Is as Easy as Contacting ProtecSYS

ProtecSYS is a Brisbane security provider that offers many security products and services, such as camera surveillance systems, intercom systems, and burglar alarm systems. Brisbane SMEs can benefit from their high quality services and leading edge technology. Operating since 1998, ProtecSYS specialises in SMEs and understands their unique challenges. In addition, they work with clients to help them determine the best security strategy for their individual businesses.

A security alarm system plays a vital role in keeping business premises safe. It will detect the presence of an intruder at your place of business and trigger local sirens which will deter activity and communicate the event to a Security Monitoring Centre to ensure an appropriate response. In addition, they contain visible equipment such as strobe lights and sirens to warn potential intruders that the premises have been secured.

ProtecSYS also offers camera surveillance systems as well as Access Control and Intercom Systems for an effective business security strategy. They also provide system upgrades, removal and relocation of existing systems, service calls, and preventative maintenance. Their alarm systems can be monitored.

Choosing ProtecSYS is easy and risk-free thanks to their money back guarantee, which covers parts and labour, guard calls due to faulty equipment, and whole system satisfaction for a full year. They are passionate about leading edge technology and work to provide clients with the newest and best security equipment and services. The burglar alarm systems their Brisbane clients enjoy are top quality and highly effective. Your business and the people in it are extremely valuable; make the decision to protect it today by contacting ProtecSYS.

Contact Us

  • Phone Number: 1300 788 132. There are 4 options as follows:
    • Option 1: 24 Hour Security Monitoring Centre.
    • Option 2: Accounts.
    • Option 3: Sales.
    • Option 4: Service.

    ProtecSYS National Office:
    Street & Mailing Address:
    Unit 3 - 67 Depot Street
    Banyo QLD 4014

    ABN: 52 082 943 637

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