Why Choose ProtecSYS Security Monitoring?

Grade A1 is the highest rating that can be achieved for a Security Monitoring Centre in Australia.

ProtecSYS utilises three Security Monitoring Centres and all are Grade A1 level and have national disaster recovery infrastructure in place.

Located in highly secure, purpose built facilities (in accordance with Australian Security Standard AS 2201.2), the monitoring platform is National and in a Triple Redundant Configuration. In the event of a natural disaster or technical issue calls and all workloads are able to be seamlessly diverted to any of the 3 Monitoring Centres.

To maintain the Grade A1 classification (under AS2201.2) the Monitoring Centres must be able to maintain levels of compliance for the actioning of alarm events.  Under the Australian Security Standard, alarm events are categorised and have a specific response time. The monitoring centres must comply, by attaining 95% of the actionable events (type specific) within the Standard to be able to successfully maintain the A1 Grading.

24 Hour technical and operational support ensures that service delivery is maintained at a high level.  And, Key Performance Indicators are closely tracked to effectively roster and coordinate the workforce effectively for peak conditions.

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