Effective and reliable security systems are vital for anyone who runs a successful commercial business.  If your premises are not protected then you are at great risk of being targeted by burglars and vandals. Professional thieves spend a lot of time searching for buildings that are not fitted with alarms and CCTV.  Buildings without security systems are an ‘easy target’.

ProtecSYS are experts when it comes to providing security. For over 14 years they have helped protect over 1000 buildings Australia wide with their customised electronic security systems and security guard service. ProtecSYS can provide monitored intruder alarm systems, camera surveillance, access control systems and intercom systems.

They can also provide guard patrols, static guards, guard escorts and guard response to alarms. All of ProtecSYS’ security guards are fully licensed and are trained to think on their feet and deal with any security alert that they might face.

As part of their service, ProtecSYS perform a security audit on your property, which evaluates the risks your building might be exposed to and how they can alleviate them. ProtecSYS will advise you which systems they think you would benefit from and explain exactly how they work.

ProtecSYS offer a three-way money back guarantee if the system they recommend does not perform correctly and they do not charge for any guard call outs which were caused by any faulty equipment. All of their monitoring centres are Grade A1, which is the highest rating that can be achieved in Australia and ProtecSYS are fully licensed for everything they do.

ProtecSYS have spent years perfecting our systems which have been carefully designed to outwit thieves. Their top of the range and recently upgraded systems are some of the very best on the market. All of their products offer you peace of mind and reliability, so you can sleep easy at night knowing that your premises and people are thoroughly protected.

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